The COFCCA Center for Excellence in Child Welfare is the product of our commitment to ensuring the highest quality of service for children and families in New York State.

The Center for Excellence offers member agencies a resource through which they can identify and implement best practices in program development, therapeutic treatment, and service delivery, as well as agency management and administration.

The Center’s mission is to:

  • Create venues for learning and collaboration among agency and governmental leaders to foster dialogue on critical issues facing our agencies;
  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions with representatives of government and the advocacy community on issues of policy and practice that are of importance in child welfare;
  • Develop the next generation of child welfare leadership – both CEOs and senior program managers – through a special program that identifies talented and dedicated middle management staff with potential to assume senior agency leadership roles;
  • Mobilize and facilitate COFCCA’s member agency participation in the development and use of evidence-based child welfare practices;
  • Coordinate information sharing on best practice initiatives, including identifying and making accessible studies which point to most promising or improved practice;
  • Provide training forums for New York City child welfare agency staff through the New York City Training Consortium supported by a contract from the New York State Office of Children and Families; and
  • Establish relationships with the research and academic communities on issues of common concern relating to financing, practice and governance.