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Date Posted09/30/2022
Job TitleBSFT Therapist
CityNew York
StateNew York
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Job Responsibilities:
• Build and maintain a collaborative relationship with every family member that has or should have a relationship with the youth who has identified needs.
• Provide direct clinical treatment to the entire family using BSFT MODEL theory and techniques.
• As the leader of the therapeutic relationship, take responsibility for family progress and outcomes
• Build and maintain a collaborative relationship with relevant community stakeholders (i.e., child protection services, probation officers, judges, schools, etc.) to ensure cooperation among service providers
• Transform negative interactions into positive and collaborative interactions
• Focus on family strengths (defined from an interactional perspective). These are the connection, concern and love that are behind a family member’s negative behaviors.
• Videotape all family therapy sessions
• Conduct family therapy in a place and at the time that is most convenient to the family. Do not allow place or time to become a barrier to engagement of all family members, or to treatment.
• Therapists are required to conduct four BSFT therapeutic sessions per month.
• Maintain clear and concise documentation of treatment efforts that promote peer, supervisory, model expert and ACS review and feedback.
• Entering the majority of the documentation (FASPs, progress notes) in the ACS Database System (PROMIS and CNNX).
• Participate actively in Family Team Conferences, Elevated risk conferences, Service Terminations and other meetings to advance stability and safety for children and families.
• Collaborate with child welfare and follow ACS guidelines for preventive services, in particular the safety and risk aspects.
• Participate in all BSFT MODEL training, supervision and consultation activities
• Manage the extensive travel requirements involved in serving families in their homes.
• In court involved cases, therapist will assume responsibilities in this area.
• Therapists will participate in group supervision once per month with the Case planner assigned and program supervisor.

Preferred Experience:
• Work with families (grandparents, mothers, father figures [biological fathers, step-fathers and long-standing romantic partners], and children and adolescents)
• Family systems experience
• Experience with process-oriented family therapies
• Comfort in working with father figures

Preferred Knowledge:
• Family systems theory and application
• Social ecological theory and application

Preferred Core Competencies:
• Ability to connect at a human level with clients to engage and maintain them in therapy
• Ability to establish an effective and collaborative relationship with all family members, requiring the therapist to manage her/his own feelings about each family member.
• Outstanding interpersonal skills
• Willingness and ability to be strengths focused
• Ability to function in the context of high tension and anger in the family
• Ability to shift the family from content to process, from past and future discussions to interactions that occur in the present
• Ability to manage stress and self-care
• Appreciation, respect, and understanding for teamwork and organizational systems
• Ability to maintain high level of self-awareness
• Ability to observe the present- the interactions that occur in front of the therapist- as they occur.
• Ability to think abstractly to permit the therapist to observe family interactions, diagnose them on the spot and determine what intervention may be appropriate in the present.
• Ability to be comfortable with cultural differences; to relate in ways that are respectful, strength-focused, and culturally appropriate
• Ability to be family-centered, and to allow the family to interact. The therapist does not need to be the center of the therapy but rather places the family at the center of the therapy.
• Ability not to buy the family’s frame. Keep sufficient independence from the fa

NameIngrid Gonzalez-Woo, BSFT Program Director and /or Brian Mejia Preventive HR specialist
Company NameGraham Windham
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