The Training Consortium is operated under a contract from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services/Bureau of Training to provide agencies a united voice in training matters, and to receive training and technical assistance that was relevant, and support the various learning needs of their staff.

The Training Consortium is comprised of child welfare agencies within and around the New York City area. The Consortium evolved out of the child welfare agencies need to have training that addressed the specific competency levels of new and experienced caseworkers, and their supervisors.

The Training Consortium’s mission is to assist voluntary agencies by:

  • Working collaboratively with other training partners;
  • Prioritizing and targeting training needs;
  • Promoting high quality services to children and families through professional, well-trained staff;
  • Maximizing limited training resources through prioritizing and targeting training/technical assistance needs;
  • Encouraging and facilitating the exchange of resources to expand learning opportunities to staff.

The Training Consortium’s vision is to:

  • Anticipate local and national training trends;
  • Integrate changes to improve and minimize costs and waste (financial and /or time)
  • Be a leader in development and resource identification, and
  • Obtain diversified funding sources

Each year, the Consortium develops a full schedule of CORE and Supplemental Trainings.

  • For additional information about training and the Consortium, please contact Yolanda McLeod at