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Date Posted04/05/2022
Job TitleYouth Empowerment Coach - Full time
StateNew York
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SLAM Coach (New York) - Full time

Position: SLAM Coach
Program: Graham SLAM (Support, Lead, Achieve, Model)

Department: Family and Community and Support Services

Program & Position Summary:

The Graham SLAM program works with youth between the 9th grade and age 26 who are in Graham Windham’s programs including foster care, foster care prevention and community-based afterschool programs. The program aims to put youth on a livable wage path by focusing on their success in high school, college and career development. The program ‘sticks with’ youth through age 26, or until they are on a living wage career path. SLAM Coaches are focused on providing social and emotional support, goal setting and goal tracking. A Coach and youth work on setting key program goals in the areas of education and career, with the purpose of getting them on a livable wage pathway. Coaches will also work with their youth setting and tracking customized goals in the areas of wellness and independent living skills. Examples include learning how to budget, opening a bank account and time management. There are ongoing, individual support and planning sessions where a SLAM Coach will support the youth’s educational and career goals.

Graham SLAM Coaches will:

1. Work one-on-one with each young person on their coach load to create individual goals. Uses Solution-Base Casework and Motivational Interviewing techniques to develop and follow action plans to reach these goals, with consistent support, communication, and follow-through.

2.Use SLAM’s goal setting tools to develop customized action plans for each youth to help them reach their goals.

3. Establish strong relationships with adolescents using effective modeling of pro-social skills.

4. Work collaboratively with other system providers in the youth’s life including to help ensure that the varied systems are driving towards similar goals in a coordinated fashion.

5. Meet regularly with parents/foster parents/adult supports to plan with them for youth success, and to support them in helping the youth in their care, reach their goals.

6. Encourage youth to attend therapeutic peer groups which focus on skills such as healthy communication, positive peer relationships, dealing with peer pressure, and service learning.

7. Works closely with the SLAM Educational Success Coordinator to help students apply for college. Works closely with the SLAM Employment Success Coordinator to help students secure employment and thrive in the workplace.

8. Visit schools to meet with guidance counselors or other school officials. This includes gathering report cards and attending parent/teacher conferences.

9. Connect youth to resources in their community.

10. Help students select vocational programs or colleges based on academic, social, and financial needs.

A Graham SLAM Coach:

1. Makes a long term commitment to working with youth

2. Is strengths-focused, believes that change is possible and is able to inspire hope

3. Is able to work with diverse populations (including LGBTQ) and cultures, process information and respond empathically.

4. Is able to express empathy and genuine caring, while maintaining healthy boundaries.

5. Is open to learning new methods of working with youth and willing to hold him/herself to high practice standards.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s Degree.

2. Two years of experience working with adolescents and experience working with at-risk adolescents highly desirable, preferably in the field of child welfare

3. Computer literate and conversant with social media.

Company NameGraham- Windham