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Date Posted09/24/2019
Job TitleDirector of Hard to Place
StateNew York
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A. Responsible for ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the residential program and initiating program development in areas requiring improvement.

B. Responsible for review and oversight of the treatment planning process including serving as the chairperson in facilitating treatment planning meetings and service plan reviews as necessary.

C. Responsible for providing regular clinical and administrative supervision to Cottage Directors in support of their role as clinical team leader.

D. Responsible to provide regular administrative supervision to Cottage Managers related to programmatic, personnel, cottage culture and child centered behavioral issues.

E. Responsible for ensuring appropriate and timely discharge and transfer planning in conjunction with Cottage Directors and the Director of Admissions.

F. Responsible for the selection, regular evaluation, accountability, and disciplinary process in conjunction with Human Resources for management staff within their department as well as Direct Care Staff on an as needed basis.

G. Responsible for coordinating the efforts of Cottage Directors and Managers in offering bi-weekly cottage based in-service training to Direct Care Staff.

H. Responsible for the review of all critical incidents as well as any corrective action which may be required.

I. Responsible in conjunction with Human Resources to initiate and conduct a fact-finding review of any alleged staff misconduct in order to ensure the safety of residents and other staff.

J. Responsible for ensuring the appropriate care and maintenance of the cottage physical plant as well as any vehicles assigned the cottage.

K. Responsible for developing, implement and monitor safety plans and corrective action plans as required by The New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

L. Responsible for developing and coordinating group treatment programs on campus as needed.

M. Responsible for reviewing court depositions and all other department correspondence which emanates from the agency to external parties.

N. Responsible for supervising Cottage Directors in decisions about terminations from placement and extensions of placement.

O. Responsible for assuring the quality and timeliness of clinical documentation in Connections (progress notes, FASPs, etc.).

P. Responsible for assisting The New York State Office of Children and Family Services during audits and evaluations of the campus program (i.e., VARs).

Q. Adhere to the treatment philosophy of The William George Agency and the rules, requirements, and recommendations of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

R. Responsible for the implementation of programming reflective of The William George Agency treatment philosophy, at the direction of the Executive Director.

S. Responsible for adhering to and performing all duties in accordance with every safety standard, practice and the policy of The William George Agency. This includes, but is not limited to, review of The William George Agency’s Safety Policy and attending all required safety-related training.

T. Perform other duties as assigned.

NameWendy Putney
Company NameThe William George Agency for Children's Services, Inc.
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