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Date Posted06/10/2020
Job TitleProgram Supervisor
StateNew York
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Sauti Yetu Center for African Women and Children, whose name means “Our Voice” in Swahili, is a community-based nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire African immigrant women and girls to individual and collective self-empowerment.
About Us
Sauti Yetu is a multi-issue community-based organization dedicated to mobilizing African immigrant women to improve the quality of their lives, strengthen their families and develop their communities. Sauti Yetu’s direct services, public education and advocacy promote immigrant girls’ safe transitions into adulthood, curbs violence in the family, and gives poor and low-income immigrant women access to life skills and leadership opportunities. Our services are evidence-based, focused on sustainability, and designed to leverage each woman and family’s strength and resilience to develop solutions to problems that create barriers to their political and economic self-sufficiency and personal well-being.
Functional Family Therapy (FFT) – Therapeutic Case Management (TCM) is an adaptation of FFT that is a systemic, evidence-based treatment model for youth (0-18 years old) and families in the child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice systems. FFT-TCM integrates family based therapeutic case management services with the core FFT model to provide comprehensive and wholistic approach to helping families. FFT-TCM is an all-embracing model intended to provide families all across the developmental spectrum with a pathway to engagement in treatment, develop skills to stabilize and work through daily family issues, and take those skills and generalize them to success in managing future problem and thus, becoming self-sufficient.
FFT-TCM has two service tracks within the model:
• Low Risk track supports families that are more likely to successfully engage in community-based interventions and programs.
• High Risk track supports families that need intensive change processes delivered in the home to address risk of placement or where there are issues of child safety, neglect, family violence, mental health concerns, and substance abuse or at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.
We are seeking a Supervisor for our FFT-TCM program. This person supervises the FFT High Risk team. He/she serve the combined roles of an Administrative Supervisor and FFT Lead Supervisor. As an administrative supervisor, the FFT-TCM High Risk lead will provide administrative supervision for
approximately four Master Level FFT-TCM Therapists and an Associate level Case Aide to ensure best practices and excellent record keeping as required by ACS Child Welfare Prevention Standards. In this capacity, the supervisor will ensure compliance with program/agency policies and procedures. This person will also function in the role of “model lead” of the High-Risk team. In this capacity, the supervisor provides FFT supervision to Therapists consistent with the FFT-TCM High Risk model to ensure fidelity and adherence to the model.
General responsibilities for the position of FFT-TCM High Risk Supervisor in the role of a “administrative supervisor” includes, but are not limited to the following:
• Provide accountability, child welfare, and administrative supervision to four (4) Master’s level FFT Therapists and an Associate level Case Aide
• Provide Accountability Oversight, with support from QA/QI Specialist and Intake Coordinator, to ensure that Therapists comply with ACS accountability mandates, including:
▪ screening and assigning of all new referrals to FFT-TCM Therapists within 10 days
▪ timely registering of cases in PROMIS and CONNX
▪ timely completion and review of FASPs, Plan Amendments and Progress notes
▪ timely review and approval of FASPs and case closings
▪ ensure that Therapists enter contacts in the PROMIS system in a timely manner
▪ ensure that all families and children are seen every month
▪ work with the Clinical Program Director to ensure that utilization meets the performance base funding requirement of at or above 95%
• Provide child welfare supervision to Therapists in order to ensure that all children are safe and free from immediate or impending danger or serious harm. Supervision includes the following:
▪ provide weekly supervision to all Therapists consistent with ACS Supervisory Standards
▪ discus every case at least 2 times per month and review all case records at least 1 time per month consistent with ACS Supervisory Standards
▪ document case discussions and case record reviews monthly in Supervisory Reviews for each case
▪ ensure that all children are assessed in all four domains in the first month of case and 3 months thereafter
▪ ensure that an assessment of the home and financial resources is completed in the first month of the case and 3 months thereafter
▪ collaborate with all departments of ACS including DCP, OPTA, OPPP, etc., as needed to ensure that the safety needs of children are being addressed
▪ participate in all Family Team Conferences (FTC) led by ACS conference facilitators or program conference facilitators
▪ ensure compliance with all other ACS Prevention Standards policies, and procedures related to CSEC, Safe Sleep, Domestic Violence, etc.
• Provide Administrative Oversight, with support from Administrative Assistant, to ensure Therapists comply with all agency policies and procedures, including:
▪ ensure that staff comply with agency conditions of employment related to attendance, hours of work, and use of sick, personal, vacation time, etc.
▪ ensure that all staff meet performance standards and comply with agency standards of behavior and code of conduct
▪ complete performance evaluations and address performance issues in a timely and progressive manner
▪ ensure that staff receives trainings as required by agency, ACS, and program
▪ complete all other tasks related to the role of administrative supervisor
General responsibilities for the position of FFT-TCM High Risk Supervisor in the role of a “site lead” includes, but are not limited to the following:
• Carry caseload of approximately 3 FFT-TCM High Risk cases
• Attend all FFT-TCM High Risk trainings as required
• Participate in all FFT conference calls, site visits, and trainings with FFT national consultant
• Implement all FFT-TCM High Risk protocols as provided by the FFT national consultant
• Provide weekly individual, and group staffing supervision to all FFT-TCM High Risk Therapists to ensure fidelity and adherence to the FFT-TCM High Risk Model
• Ensure that all cases are opened in the FFT/CSS system, contacts are entered, and cases are closed in said system in a timely manner
• Ensure that Therapists complete all assessment tools and enter them in FFT/CSS system in a timely manner
• Complete all staff ratings on a weekly basis and coordinates with FFT national consultant to ensure completion of all GTRs (Global Therapist Ratings) and TYPE (Tri-Yearly Performance Evaluations) Reports every 4 months are required by FFT
• Completes all other tasks related t role of FFT site lead
• Master's degree in Social Work (MSW), Mental Health Counseling (MHC) or equivalent degree in any NYS license-eligible Mental Health profession, LMSW or LCSW or equivalent licensing is required.
• Minimum of 2 years of clinical experience working with adolescents and families in a child welfare, mental health or juvenile justice setting is required.
• Minimum of 2 years of experience practicing as FFT therapist of FFT TCM therapist is required
• Minimum of 1-year Supervisory experience required
• Willingness to learn and work within the Functional Family Therapy (FFT) philosophy and model
• Ability to work independently, as well as contribute to a team
• Excellent clinical, administrative, interpersonal, and communication skills.
• Exceptional ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
• Some knowledge and experience in developing and managing/monitoring budgets that are aligned with programmatic needs.
• Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends as needed
• Willingness to carry cases in another borough when needed
• Computer literate
• Language fluency is required in Spanish/English or French/English, and one or more African and Asian languages such as, (Bengali, Urdu, Hind, Wolof, Fulani, Soninké, Mooré, Dioula, Bambara, or Mandingo).

NameSharon Hayes
Company NameSauti Yetu Center for African Women and Families
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