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Date Posted09/06/2023
Job TitleEducation and Employment Specialist (EE Specialist)
StateNew York
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Job Summary
The Education and Employment Specialist will work with 18 students/young people (ages 14 to 17) at a time to improve academics, career development, independence and self-sufficiency goals based on their interests. The EE Specialist will assist students/young people and family members specifically relating to issues impacting their progress in school. The specialist will connect students/young people to quality schools, programs, resources, and opportunities in line with their goals and assist in navigating and barriers that arise with meeting goals.
About Abbott House
Abbott House is an innovative community-based organization that helps children, families, adults and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with complex needs build lasting foundations for a promising future. We operate programs in the New York Metropolitan area and Hudson Valley.
Key Responsibilities
Build relationships with up to 18 students/ young people/youth.
Provide ongoing social and emotional support.
Work individually with students to develop individualized academic and career development goals based on their interests and strengths and take measurable steps towards their goals.
Connect students to quality schools, programs, resources, and opportunities in line with their goals.
Help young people persist in these settings, navigate any challenges that arise, celebrate successes, and plan/prepare for the next step on their journey.
Should a young person not be successful in any school/program setting. EE Specialist will assist youth with reflecting on the experience and work with them to set new goals and transition to the next step.
Collaborate with Family Therapist, Family Advocate, Tutors, Specialist, and parents, as needed, to help youth achieve their goals and ensure their overall well-being.
Facilitate youth groups/workshops for youth, ages 14-17 years old.
Connect young people to peer support groups and build relationships.
Ensure youth that are aging out can access and maintain stable, affordable housing and build independent living skills.
Re-engage disconnected youth and help them re-enroll in an academic setting.
Assess the fit between the young people and their current academic setting and help them transfer into a better-fit high school or high school equivalency (HSE) program, if needed.
Visit the young people’s school/program and build relationships with school staff, review transcripts and academic data, provide educational advocacy, and discuss progress towards graduation/HSE obtainment
Ensure students are attending school and have the supports and resources they need to be successful, such as tutoring, individualized educational plans (IEPs), 504 Plans, or other special accommodations.
Expose students to post-secondary pathways, such college and/or accredited vocational programs, starting in the 9th grade (or as early as possible).
Assist students with post-secondary planning, along with the guidance counselors.
Help students apply to colleges, opportunity programs, and assist with completion of all forms of financial aid, funding, and scholarships.
Provide college persistence coaching, including ensuring students receive all of the financial and academic support they need to succeed each semester.
Assist students with planning for apprenticeship and vocational education paths, as appropriate.
Collaborate with all relevant partners, such as Therapist, Advocate, Guidance Counselors, Specialists, tutors, teachers, family.
Any other related duties as required.
Assist young people in obtaining working papers, if needed.
Conduct career exploration activities with young people.
Assist ALL young people in selecting at least one career development experience each year that is in line with their interests and academic situation/background.
Work with the young person and identify potential longer-term career pathways based on the young person’s interests, strengths, and academic/vocational plans.
Assist young people with exploring workforce development programs, vocational programs, and help with job applications.
Connect young people, as needed, to agency-based job readiness and/or internship.
Provide persistence coaching to young people enrolled in any external program by checking in with them.
Ensure that the young person coordinates with housing to ensure that all young person’s housing applications are submitted as early as possible.
Accompany the young person to visit supportive housing residences, when needed.
Help young people move in and obtain furniture.
Help young people maintain their housing by providing independent living and life skills supports such as budgeting, obtaining a bank account, and advocating with landlords, if needed.
About You
You are the ideal candidate if you are enjoy working in the social services field while empowering underserved communities. Being compassionate, reliable, self-motivated, and a team player are critical attributes to be successful in this role.
You have at least a bachelor's degree and at least two years of experience working with at-risk, or system involved young people.
You have strong written and verbal communication skills.
You have strong time-management, organizational skills, and attention to detail.
You have the ability to troubleshoot, advocate, and navigate obstacles where there is not always a clear-cut pathway.
You are open to learning how to use and interpret data to inform decision-making.
You have the ability to effectively collaborate in team settings and build relationships with external partners.
You have the ability to use Motivational Interviewing techniques.
You have the ability to use trauma-informed techniques.
You have experience working with vulnerable youth.
You are knowledgeable about youth resources and services.
You have the ability to facilitate therapeutic peer groups.

Company NameAbbott House
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