Cofcca Board of Directors

COFCCA Board of Directors


Yolanda Alicea-Winn, Vice President

Puerto Rican Family Institute


William Baccaglini, Executive Director

New York Foundling Hospital


Karen Carpenter-Palumbo, Executive Director



James W. Coder, Executive Director

New Directions Youth & Family Services


Carl Coyle, Chief Executive Officer

Liberty Resources, Inc.


Maria Cristalli, Chief Strategy and Quality Officer

Hillside Family of Agencies


Jeffrey A. Dailey, Managing Director

The William George Agency


Jess Dannhauser, President & CEO

Graham Windham


Traci Donnelly, CEO

The Child Center of New York


Renee Fillette, Chief Operation Officer

Astor Services for Children and Families


Joseph J. Geglia, Executive Director

Elmcrest Children’s Center


William T. Gettman, Jr., Executive Director

St. Catherine’s Center for Children


Christina Gullo, President/CEO

Villa of Hope


Dr. David Hegarty, Executive Director, Treasurer of COFCCA

Hope for Youth, Inc.


John Henley, CEO

Northern Rivers Family Services


William Holicky, Jr., At Large, President of COFCCA


Jon Jelley, Executive Director

Boys Town New York, Inc.


Walter Joseph, Executive Director

The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie


James Kaufman, Chief Executive Officer

Abbott House


Jeremy Kohomban, President/CEO

The Children’s Village


Adam Lancer, General Counsel and Director of QA

OHEL Children’s Home & Family Services


Sr. Paulette LoMonaco, Executive Director

Good Shepherd Services


Keith Little, Executive Director

Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families


Craig Longley, Executive Director

Catholic Guardian Services


Elizabeth McCarthy, CEO

Sheltering Arms Children and Family Services


Robert J. McMahon, Member at Large


Gerard McCaffery, President/CEO



Alan Mucatel, Executive Director, Downstate Vice President of COFCCA

Leake and Watts Services, Inc.


Karen Richmond, Executive Director

Children’s Home of Jefferson County


Ronald Richter, Chief Executive Officer



Leonardo Rodriguez, Executive Program Director for Children and Adolescent Services

Jewish Board


William P. Sabado, President & CEO

Seamen’s Society for Children and Families


Ray Schimmer, Member at Large, Upstate Vice President of COFCCA


Donald K. Smith, Member at Large


Joseph Whalen, Executive Director

Green Chimneys Children’s Services


William Wolff, Executive Director

LaSalle School